Shunyi District Geography

Shunyi District GeographyBeijing Shunyi District has a long history and enjoys the rich tourism resorts; the related tourism facilities in Shunyi are very full, such as some good viewpoints and restaurants and so on. The Zhuhang Hotel Beijing is located in Shunyi District and the detail address of the Zhuhang Hotel Beijing is located in 12 Xingfu Street (Xingfu Jie), Tianzhu, Shunyi District. Here is some information about the Beijing Shunyi District and some information about the Zhuhang Hotel Beijing in Shunyi for tourists as a reference. Beijing Shunyi enjoys good geography and a lot of good tourism resorts; the transportation conditions in Shunyi are also very convenient.

Climate characteristics of Shunyi: Shunyi District, the climate is warm temperate semi-humid continental monsoon climate, average annual temperature is 11.5 ℃. January average temperature of 4.9 ℃, the lowest temperature of minus 19.1 ℃; 7 monthly average temperature of 25.7 ℃, the highest temperature of 40.5 ℃. 2750 hours of sunshine, frost-free period 195 days or so. Average relative humidity 50%, the average annual rainfall of 625 mm precipitation in North China one of the more balanced 75% of annual precipitation concentrated in summer. Land resources of Shunyi: Shunyi District, the total land area of ​​137 kilometers, with 84.5 million kilometers of cultivated land, of which 60 acres of grain, fruit trees and 6.5 acres, 3 acres of fish ponds.  Mineral Resources in Shunyi: Proven mineral deposits within the coal, peat, cement, limestone, marble, clay, gravel and other materials, including coal, cement, limestone reserves were 2.3 million tons and 800 tons of peat, marble, sand and gravel reserves are expected to one million, 900 million and 100 million cubic meters.

Tourism resources of Shunyi: Longwan cave is located in Shunyi District, Village Longwan Tunzhen Tang hole from jiaozhuanghu Tunnel Warfare Site 1 km. The cave began surveying in 1998, is currently being excavated, according to preliminary probe, the cave has a length of 800 meters long, with a total area of ​​5,000 square meters. Into the cave, stalactites of various shapes will be displayed in front of you, some, such as towering stone pillars; some like a giant hand; more milk that the shape of the rock group the Flaming Mountain. Light illuminated stalactites of these lifelike; you will feel the mystery of nature. Guests in Zhuhang Hotel Beijing cannot miss the good opportunity to have a visit here. If tourists of Beijing tour want to book one hotel in Beijing Shunyi, maybe the Zhuhang Hotel Beijing is also a good choice for you. The Zhuhang Hotel Beijing offers booking online and you are welcomed!

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