Butterfly Ecological Park

Beautiful butterfly in Butterfly Ecological ParkAs travel has become a new fashion of life and a good way to relieve pressures, more and more people choose traveling around during their spare time. As the capital city with a long history, Beijing is rich in tourism resources. So many foreign tourists regard Beijing as the first destination during their China vacation. If this is not your first visit to Beijing and you want to get some different feelings, staying in Zhuhang Hotel Beijing will meet your needs. Zhuhang Hotel Beijing is a three star hotel located in the south of the Capital International Airport, although a little bit far from downtown Beijing, the traffic is very convenient. That’s why many foreign tourists prefer to live in Zhuhang Hotel Beijing during their trip.

Butterfly Ecological Park, also known as Colorful Ecological Park, located in the village of Gaoliying Town, Shunyi District, is the largest live butterfly ornamental garden in Asia at present. Butterfly Ecological Park covers an area of ​​1,000 acres with annual output 500 million or more famous butterflies totally. It is the ecological park which combines travel and tourism, family experience and science education as a whole, famous for the pure ecology and high culture connotation.

Butterfly Ecological Park has 50 thousand nectar plants, where is full of colorful flowers in summer; seven network parks, each network garden is about 500 square meters, which fly more than 2,000 different species of butterflies; painting studio, visitors can experience their fun of making fine art using their own hands on butterfly wings; science area can bring visitors to understand the normal life of a butterfly, feel the butterflies break out of infinite charm pupae. There is also a flying area with 10,000 square meters. People can fly butterflies, flying dreams and achievements in the future. There are more than 20,000 pots of 1 meter high, “pocket” of fruit trees where people can enjoy picking organic fruit. There is also the story gallery, love experience area, lounge area, barbecue area and convenient shopping canteen hall to make visitors feel relaxed and comfortable. Here, not only in the summer to see butterflies dancing, even in the cold winter people can play with butterflies. Living in Zhuhang Hotel Beijing and paying a visit to Butterfly Ecological Park, you will feel closer to natural.

Besides the excellent experience in Butterfly Ecological Park, the elegant environment and the good services in Zhuhang Hotel Beijing will certainly make you satisfy and leave a deep impression on your mind.

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